About Al Weinstein

Alan J. Weinstein
523 Ward St.
Newton, Ma. 02459
aweinstein608@gmail.com (email)

After early work in clay and plaster, I have focused mostly on stone. While the shape of the original stone will often dictate possibilities, the end product will always be modified during the process. Often, I don’t know what my end result will be until the stone tells me what’s possible.  With clay and plaster, one typically has more control over the end product, because I’m adding material as I go along. The decisions come earlier than with stone. I’ve enjoyed both additive and subtractive processes; they’re different and the variety creates its own challenges and problems to be solved.  My work is both figural and abstract, at times whimsical, with some imagery derived from my background in biology.

Ed.D. Harvard University
M.Ed. Harvard University
B.A. Dartmouth College

Training/Art Education:
Mass. College of Art and Design
School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Vermont Carving Studio and Sculpture Center


2023, January-February, Whitin Mill, Juried Exhibit
2022, November-December, Brush Gallery, Juried Exhibit
2022, September-October, Old Schwamb Mill, Juried Exhibit
2022 July, Lexart, Juried Exhibit
2021 May-October, Newbury Court, Juried Exhibit
2020 April-May, Attleboro Art Museum, “Take A Stand” Juried Show (On-line due to Covid-19)
2019 June-October, Eustis Estate, “Changing Landscape: Sculpture at Eustis Estate” Juried
2018 June 19-June 30,Newburyport Art Association, “Getting to Know You”  (2 pieces) Juried             2018, May-October, The Gardens at Elm Bank, “Sculpture in the Garden”  (2 pieces) Juried
2017, July-October, The Gardens at Elm Bank, “Arts on the Green” Juried
2017, May-August, Boston Design Center, “Designing With Sculpture: Integrating Sculpture into Indoor and Outdoor Environments” Juried
2017, June-October, “From Sea to Shore”, Sculpture Inspired by New England’s Coast” Juried
2016, August-November, Hess Gallery at Pine Manor College, The Nature Show, Juried
2016, June-August, Augustus Saint Gaudens National Park, “NESA at 3 National Parks”, Juried Show
2015, December, 42nd St. Gallery, Bethlehem, NH “The Gift of Sculpture” Juried Show
2015, June-October, Gov. John Langdon House, Portsmouth, N.H.
“Sculpted Spaces, Historic Places” Juried Show
2014-2015, October-February, Fuller Craft Museum “Juried Biennial Exhibition”
2014, May-July, Carlisle Public Library, Paired Exhibit
2014, October, Newton Open Studios, Juried Fall Show (NOS no longer admitted sculpture after this)
2014, February, Newton City Hall, Juried Solstice Show
2013, June, Artblitz, Solo Exhibit
2013, August, Pop Up Solo Exhibit
2013, March, Newton Open Studios, Juried Show
1985, July, Vermont Carving studio Juried Show)
1983 Kaji Aso Gallery Group Show
1980-1988 School of Museum of Fine Arts Juried Student Show-multiple years

Artscope: January/February 2015: Artistry Times Two At Fuller Craft Museum
Members Show+Recent Acquisitions Strengthen Collection, pg. 9
1st artist mentioned and reviewed, “Kong”.

Kong:The Fuller Craft Museum has recently mounted two significant showings, one devoted to member-artists, “The 2014 Biennial Members Exhibition,” and “Crafting A Collection,” highlighting recent acquisitions. Clearly, while there are common threads between the two exhibitions, each remains distinctive in its focus while highlighting the works of a staggering array of artisans and artists.

The “2014 Biennial Members Exhibition” was juried by Arthur Dion, the director of Gallery NAGA in Boston, and his smart and eclectic selections include the usual craft museum media suspects — woodworking, fiber arts, metal, and ceramics — and also painting, drawing, photography and kinetic sculpture. There are offerings by 47 artists.
Al Weinstein’s “Kong” is a pedestal mounted, sad-faced gorilla, carved from black marble. In this instance, the mythical Hollywood great ape’s Fay Wray is realized as a Barbie doll, and as he clutches her in his massive paw-hand, his pout and slouch of resignation remind us that beauty has, indeed, killed the beast — at least metaphorically.

News Release:
Newton, Ma. – May 2015 – Sculpted Spaces, Historic Places, a juried exhibition of contemporary sculpture, opens at Governor John Langdon House in Portsmouth, N.H., and the Sarah Orne Jewett House in South Berwick, Maine, on June 5. Al Weinstein is one of the featured artists whose work will be indoors at the John Langdon House.

Organized by two regional cultural organizations Historic New England and the New England Sculptors Association, Sculpted Spaces, Historic Places, presents forty-three sculptures from thirty-six artists working in granite, marble, metal, stone, tile, wood, and other material. The work will be on display in the historic rooms at Governor John Langdon House and on the grounds at both Langdon House and Sarah Orne Jewett House Museum and Visitor Center. The collaboration brings together contemporary artists and an exceptional historic setting. Rooms once visited by George Washington and grounds that once inspired a Maine writer, now provide a perfect backdrop for sharing another part of the rich history and culture of the region. Sculpted Spaces, Historic Places is on view through September 6, 2015.

Photo: Oyster by Al Weinstein

sculpture name oyster

News Release:

Carlisle, Ma. May 14, 2014
Joyful art fills the Gleason Library
by Cynthia Sorn

Photo: Morphogenesis by Al Weinstein.
The sculpture is marble and glass. (Photo by Cynthia Sorn)

sculpture name morphogenesis

Wood and stone, gleam and glow
Sculptor Al Weinstein has created his sculptures using wonderful woods and marble stone. His pieces are composed of curving, smooth lines and polished to an inviting gleam, allowing the beauty of the natural material to add to the composition. Weinstein explained he has a background in biology, which has influenced the imagery of his work and the interesting titles of the pieces.

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